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Sharing the wonders of Ruby

I’m a Ruby developer, born in Zagreb, Croatia :croatia: and currently living in Brno, Czechia :czech_republic:.

I write, speak and contribute to open source. I’m not a Rails fan, and I put a lot of effort into promoting better alternatives, such as Sequel, Roda, Rodauth, and Shrine.

I’ve authored many Ruby gems:

  • Shrine – file attachment toolkit for Ruby applications
  • ImageProcessing – high-level wrapper for ImageMagick and libvips
  • Down – streaming downloads using net/http, http.rb or wget
  • rodauth-rails – Rails integration for Rodauth authentication framework
  • sequel-activerecord_connection – allows Sequel to reuse Active Record’s database connection

I’m also a Vim user and have written a popular plugin for running tests called test.vim.

In my free time I enjoy practising acroyoga, dancing zouk, and playing the piano.